Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bad bunnies, beware

Strange things are happening. There's this loud thingie in another room making sucking noises. Mama says the air vent is full of dust bunnies - and that dust bunnies are a bad kind of bunny. So the loud thingie slurps dust bunnies down a tube. I'll be sure and try NOT to be a bad bunny!!!

Mama keeps running back and forth to the medicine cabinet. She has all these bottles out that say "Tylenol Sinus," "Tavist-D Severe Allergy," "Vitamin C," "Echinacea," and "Green Tea." Her snorting is scaring me though. I hope she doesn't turn into a pug.


At April 28, 2005 12:09 AM, Blogger Bastya and Vincent said...

OOh! Sometimes Tall Thing gets out those bottles too! And she makes weird sniffing noises like her sniffer doesn't work! I don't like it so much because she won't play with me when she gets like that. She says it's cause she doesn't want me to get sick, but I get no attention! She makes Other Tall Thing feed me and change my water and litter and stuff, but he doesn't let me out. Grrr. I don't think your mama will turn into a pug, but watch for signs of tail and fur growth to be sure!
And keep away from that loud sucking machine! Scary! But I wouldn't worry too much. You're a good bunny!

At April 28, 2005 10:47 AM, Blogger Simone said...

It's wierd how their sniffers are always breaking. Sometimes I think it's an excuse to not give us attention. I hope Tall Thing gives you lots of attention today, Bastya. Without the kissy noises!

At April 30, 2005 4:14 AM, Blogger Bastya and Vincent said...

I bet if they washed their sniffers more they wouldn't break. I always wash mine in between activities, especially after playing with Tall Thing, and like, every two minutes when I'm not busy.


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