Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cilantro margarita

In honor of Greyton, the alternative lifestyle bun.

Happy Birthday, Greyton!

(Sorry I'm a couple days late.)

And to my beloved Fiona ... I didn't save you. I'm so sorry I let you down. What a bad boyfriend I am. I am sorry. Didn't know you were going through such trauma at the time, and I've kinda been out of the loop the last several days. Mama's been using the computer a lot to make ebay purchases and look at plane tickets. No time to let me online. *grunt* I know how awful those nail trimmings can be. I wish I had rescued my sweet beautiful Fi. Can you ever forgive me?


At July 13, 2005 7:25 PM, Blogger JueDee said...

On a good note, Fionas' nails were clipped by a professional. Hopefully your mama's better at cutting nails than I am.
Poor D.D. moved last night when I was trimming hers, and I accidently cut the quick. I felt soooo bad. It was just horrible.

At July 13, 2005 10:56 PM, Blogger Simone said...

Aw, poor D.D. That's why I don't like people messin' with my nails. Horror stories like that! Hrmph.

Mama never clips my nails. Anytime something gets snipped, it's by a professional. Sometimes they miss and snip other things instead! But I need to quit dwelling on that... oh well.

At July 15, 2005 3:46 PM, Blogger Pratt said...

Greyton says thank you so much for the nice comment!

At July 15, 2005 7:29 PM, Blogger Fiona Bun said...

It's going to cost you some papaya tablets - that was some serious trama


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