Monday, February 04, 2008

A Bun's Home is His Castle

Friends, Mama and I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words, healing wishes, and furrrrayers. And we are sorry it has taken so long to post an update, but silly Mama forgot the blogger password! Hrmph.

I'm feeling a lot better. I eat all my greens now, and carrots, cilantro and parsley. I eat my Oxbow hay and pellets too. I have been drinking water on my own for a few weeks! I am slowly gaining my weight back. Not sure if you've ever tried gaining weight, but it's hard to do when all you eat is hay, timothy pellets and fresh veggies! Mama needs to spice up my diet, throw in some hash brown casserole or somethin'.

It means a lot that you were all rooting for me to get better and it definitely played a part in my recovery. You definitely helped Mama get through those dreadful force-feeding sessions! She might still have to get a blood test and x-rays done to see what caused me to have problems, but for now she's just trying to fatten me up.

Oh, can't forget to thank Karen Jo for her AWESOME limerick about me. She totally rocks!!! She's right too, that pug can be rude. Hrmph.