Monday, September 20, 2010

Simone apologizes in advance for his cussin'

Dammit! Mama is all up in my biz-ness about my pee again.

She said I might have to go back for bladder sludge treatment. I have been doing fine all summer, but the past two mornings she has found sludgy urine on the floor of my cage (outside of the litter box). She's freakin' out a little.

She told the vet, who said I might need another catheter/flush treatment. You wanna bet? Seriously, you wanna be the one to do that to me? Hrmph. Anyway, the vet said to give me Baytril for a oouple of days, and then if that doesn't help, I might have to be sedated again for the flushing.

This is enough to make me cuss, and I am not a cussin' bunny. I only say dammit once in awhile, and now is one of those times.

Also, Mama is confused because the vet has told her to limit my diet to only timothy hay and pellets, that leafy greens are bad for my bladder. (This elicits another "Dammit" from me, the green loving bun that I am.) However, her research online indicates that fresh, leafy greens are essential and if anything, pellets should be removed or limited. She has restricted them mostly since my last sludge episode, and yet it has returned. I keep telling her to just give me more greens, but she is not sure which advice is better? Anyone else have experience with the evil sludge monster?