Thursday, July 28, 2005

Leave it

After Mama emptied my litter today, she was cleaning my cage. She uses a damp paper towel to rub down the sides of the cage, remove floating bits of hair, and gather loose debris. Well, as you other buns might have guessed, I have a thing for paper towels. Paper towels are good snacks! Especially those Bounty select-a-size. Mama didn't have any select-a-size this time, but whatever it was, it still tempted my teethies and I just had to lunge at it.

So there we were, me with a bit of the paper towel in my mouth, and Mama holding the rest of it. She said, "Leave it. Leave it!" Well, I ate it!

Um... the dog is the one she took to training, NOT me. I don't have a clue what "leave it" means.

Hrmph. Well, at least that's what I told her.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hoppy Birthday

To my friends who have had birthdays in the past couple weeks and haven't been mentioned here: Nanette, JueDee, and Pratt. HOPPY BIRTHDAY! You are very special.

Sorry I have been kind of quiet overall. Still going through massive shedding, and feeling a little uninspired. Maybe even a little depressed.

Hay, one good thing, at least I'm not old! I'm not even 4 yet! When I look at you all, and Mama and Dadda too, kind of gives me relief that I have a LLLLOOOONNNGGG way to go. And I mean a long way. If I was as old as you guys, I'd have a reason to be depressed. So I got somethin' to be thankful for.

Monday, July 18, 2005


August 30, 2004. That is the day Mama and Dad got this house. They moved in the following weekend. This is what a section of the kitchen looks like today. Absolutely no different than when they moved here, almost a year ago. And this... THIS is the junk I have to look at all day from my cage. What a "view." Hrmph.

Note to Mama: If you're not gonna read those books, or put them on a shelf, the least you can do is let me eat them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cilantro margarita

In honor of Greyton, the alternative lifestyle bun.

Happy Birthday, Greyton!

(Sorry I'm a couple days late.)

And to my beloved Fiona ... I didn't save you. I'm so sorry I let you down. What a bad boyfriend I am. I am sorry. Didn't know you were going through such trauma at the time, and I've kinda been out of the loop the last several days. Mama's been using the computer a lot to make ebay purchases and look at plane tickets. No time to let me online. *grunt* I know how awful those nail trimmings can be. I wish I had rescued my sweet beautiful Fi. Can you ever forgive me?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Birthday Wisdom

In honor of my Dadda turning 30 today, I'd like to take a moment to wish the old guy a Happy Birthday. And many more. Some wisdom I have gathered from the internet bun collective:

Cake is good.

Never miss an opportunity for a feast.

Ahem! Never miss an opportunity for a feast.

Always say thank you when you get presents.

Enjoy plenty of beverages!

Trust me. You'll want to forget this in the morning.

Keep your mind sharp. And remember, a few gray hares is not so bad.

THE END. (Hrm hrm, rumor has it my Dadda likes bunny tushies too!)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Leave my grub alone

As you can see, a certain pug has not given up his pursuit of hay. If anything, he is more determined. Hrmph! My Oxbow! Go find your own kibble.