Wednesday, December 13, 2006

But where's my present?

The last couple weeks have been a little odd. Besides that starvation issue, Mamma and Dadda put me in this bigger cage. It has floors and stuff. I can go up and down if I want. It's a cool place to hang out.

See, here is is from the side. Pretty cool, huh?

And they just put in some thingie that's sorta like a litter box, but it's got somethin' around the top. Hrmph. BRILLIANT Mama! Are you tryin' to say I made too much of a mess with my old one?

B-b-but... what I can't figure out... is they got my present in the mail two weeks ago in those big boxes. They were supposed to give it to me by now, and I still haven't seen the neverending parsley stalk! Hrmph.

Monday, December 04, 2006

If this was mine, I would share it with you all

Update: I feel okay, but still kinda shaken up over the whole starvation thing. That wasn't fun. Tanks again to my friends for the well wishes.

Meanwhile, as I was at home starving over the weekend, Mama and Dadda were out and about, walking past this:

And did they bring any home for me? Hrmph. But if they had, I would share it with my friends here. The broccoli would be especially for Bastya and the mostest beautiful bun, my Fi.

Grumble bun

Hrmph. Not coming by and feeding me. HRMPH!

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns, everybunny. When Mama finally got home last night and I finally got to eat somethin', I was happy to see that bowl full of pellets. She stuffed my hay loft full and this morning I was munching on the remains of that hay. Mama saw the round "presents" I left in the litterbox and was overjoyed. So much that she treated me with a papaya tablet, and gave me breakfast which I devoured.

Do you all still think I should see a vet? Mama hasn't taken me 'cause I'm acting okay and frankly, I don't wanna be stuck with a needle. B-b-but if you still think I should go, she might take me anyway tomorrow. She mentioned somethin' about snuggle time tonight, and listening to see if my teeth are grinding or if I am just doing the soft tooth purr thingie. What do y'all think?

Still no word from the petsitting folks. Nothin'. Nada. Maybe somethin' happened, some kinda emergency. But even then, they got more than one person working there, and if somethin' happened to my sitter, someone coulda called Mama or Dadda on the cell phones while they were out. 'Cause it's really important that I eat! Hrmph.

Thought I was never gonna get fed again... Hrmph. *nose wiggle*


Sunday, December 03, 2006


This is Simone's Mama. I will be brief.

We went to Atlanta this weekend and made petsitting arrangements. We got home tonight. Simone is in his cage and seems okay, but his petsitter NEVER SHOWED UP! Our mail was still in the box, the key was still in its hiding spot and the check was never picked up. And poor Simone has not been fed ALL WEEKEND long! So I gave him pellets, hay and a papaya tablet and hope he will be okay.

If you have a bunny, you know how risky it is for your bun not to eat in over 24 hours. The good news is Simone is eating his food. The bad news is he doesn't seem all that ravenous the way a truly hungry bunny eats. He also stopped eating while I cleaned up his cage, and his teeth were grinding loudly. I hope that doesn't mean he is sick. It could mean he was upset and/or wanting attention. I petted him some but hope he eats his hay tonight and is alright. Fortunately, his water bottle was full when we left for the trip, so he had something to drink.

Anyway, he's probably going to be fine but just in case, maybe say a little bun prayer that his tummy stays healthy. And that this hasn't damaged his psyche from thinking he was abandoned! Poor Simone. :(

I left a message for the petsitting agency, so they KNOW I am not happy. This is UNBELIEVABLE. It's a really good thing our trip was not any longer!!!

Okay, sorry ... that wasn't as brief as it should have been but... GRRRR.